Antwerp based duo HYPOXIA emerged from Belgium like a pair of dark hands reaching into the heart of the European DnB scene, triggering psychotic audio hallucinations with their aggressive and Tech-enhanced edge. Members Athys and Syntopia individually garnered significant respect and experience with their solo projects, but it was through the combination of their brutal but intricate sound design skills that the true power of Hypoxia emerged.

Their first single ‘Space Time’ was quickly recognized by DnB Arena head Risky as being a standout track and released it through the ‘DnB Arena Winter Selection’ compilation in 2013. Follow-up single ‘Badass’, released on Titan records, built on that strong start - arriving to equal acclaim and gaining support across the scene from those who know. ‘Badass’ on Titan Recordings was featured on Ed Rush’s ‘Fabriclive 82’ mix and played out by a range of well-respected Djs. Following these standout tracks, label of the moment ‘Eatbrain’ snapped them up – releasing their first full EP ‘Anova’ to an insatiable audience of Neurofunk fans and catapulting Hypoxia deeper into the minds of ravers globally.

Their live shows to date have included ‘Tomorrowland’, one of the largest festivals in the world and ‘Rampage’ – Europe’s biggest DnB and Dubstep event, as well as tearing clubs across Europe to pieces. The duo are currently working on new original material, including cross-genre Techno and Electro-influenced sounds and a number of high-profile collaborations.

2016 saw Hypoxia release their follow up ‘Cognition’ EP on Eatbrain, which was received with wide acclaim, as well as playing on the label’s rapidly more-legendary club events. 


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