Habstrakt releases his eagerly awaited new EP 'Eat Me' on 10 June.

This is what he has to say about the EP : “This EP is about growing up, leaving childhood and its innocence. You can see this not only in the themes used, but also in the production itself. ‘Take That’ is a dark and violent track. The main idea was a big fight, a smell of riot in the air, something pretty oppressive. ‘The Rise’ is a path out of this darkness with a 4x4 triplet beat and melodic synth lines. ‘Eat Me’ is a direct reference to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and its universe – the psychedelics and dark references. I read that book a lot when I was a kid. The song also talks about growing up and is inspired by French techno and moombahton. I'd say it’s a compromise between both. Finally, ‘Bubbles’ has a Western flavor, futuristic and bouncy, with few surprises inside!”.

Growing up in the South of France, Adam a.k.a. Habstrakt started out as a guitar and keys player, before turning his hand to samplers and grooveboxes. His first interest was Trip Hop and he found himself writing music for movies and even theater but, in 2008 he discovered dubstep and drum n bass music and straight away, he started producing and DJing.

Three years later his tracks have been noticed by many established labels such as Dubsaw, Chateau Bruyant and Buygore. After a few releases through these channels, he instantly gained huge support from some of the biggest names in the scene including, Flux Pavilion, Rusko & Datsik, amongst others. It’s now been a year now since he began touring throughout Europe, always smashing the dancefloor with his tight and precise, yet energetic mixes. So far this year, nothing seems to be stopping him and now he is among those few to follow closely since his release on Never Say Die records. The ‘Sick Style’ EP has already seen him reach number one in the Glitch Hop Beatport charts and it’s unlikely this will be his last chart success.

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