For someone so relatively young in age what Feint may lack in years, he certainly makes up for in the following he’s quickly garnered for himself. Having only been producing since 2010, Blackburn born but Manchester based Andy H is creating quite a stir with his driving, euphoric yet in the same vein intensely musical bass led productions. While undoubtedly a newcomer, Feint has an incredible work rate which has seen him chalk up a number of releases under his belt already. EP’s on Inertia Records and Subsphere Records are just part of a catalogue of music which includes his track Promises on Liquicity’s Galaxy Of Dreams compilation. That’s not forgetting his single Snake Eyes on Monstercat, a track that has to date clocked up over 1.8 million hits on You Tube.

Feint’s achievements are something to be marvelled at for someone of his tender years and with more music and shows, it wont be long before he’s a name many will recognise.

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