A scene entirely of its own, the current world of jumpup drum&bass is self-contained and at times entirely closed off to the rest of the scene. Young guns come and go, and veterans don’t seem to matter like they used to. Instead, new talent is making waves and some of them are slowly gaining recognition outside of the raves they slaughter every weekend. As always, tunes are instrumental in this happening, and this couldn’t more true for this man. Steadily releasing tracks on his own Dubz Audio label, Dj Guv has surely been putting in the work, and last year this all came to fruition when he released Warning, a track that got picked up by dj’s across the board. Liquid and neuro dj’s saw themselves caning this tune and it turned out to be the ultimate singalong track of the year, rightly crowned Best Tune of the Year by Hazard, who passed on his award to Guv in an extraordinary, well deserved post-ceremony gesture.  


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