D-Nasty was born in Belgium (Liège) in 1997. He had his first musical instrument at 5 years old, and took conservatory lessons all his childhood. When he was 13 he discovered drum and bass and started producing at 16. D-Nasty produces new Jump Up, Rollers, and Drum and Bass.

He started mixing a few months later and landed a first international booking at 17 in Paris. After he released his two first EPs, D-Nasty was spotted by Eazy and became part of WalkingDeadCrew for several months.

Today he is part of the Radar Records Soundsystem, and plays Rampage and Dour Festival for a first time in 2019, 21 years old.

He's been mixing at parties like Sunrise Festival, We Are Electric Festival, Warriors, Invaderz, Skank&Bass, Night Grinderz, Subwave and more.

Andy C, Murdock, Hedex, Guv, Macky Gee, Turno, Upgrade, Benny L, Gino and many more support his releases.